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Nature of Business

The corporation and subsidiaries were engaged in the following three businesses: (1) hospital service businesses; (2) food, agricultural and medicinal product analysis, testing and research services and (3) support for medical services and business development with the following service provision characteristics:

Hospital Service Business

Hospital service businesses are currently operated by the Company as a private medical facility admitting patients for overnight stays (a private hospital) under the name of Ladprao General Hospital (the Hospital) with a capacity of 180 beds. The Hospital was opened to provide public health services with continual service development emphasizing treatment quality and efficiency combined with health promotion, disease prevention and patient recovery to help the public have better health and quality of life. The Hospital provides services meeting all standards in every field of medicine such as internal medicine, pediatrics, women's health, ophthalmology, otolaryngology, general surgery, orthopedic surgery, cardiology and neurology, skin and beauty, dentistry and hemodialysis, etc. Furthermore, the Company aims to achieve medical excellence by developing capacity to treat various diseases in support of domestic population structure changes which will have more senior adults in order to become a community hospital that covers service recipients from every age group living in the Ladprao neighborhood and nearby areas. The Company provides services for out-patients with expert teams of physicians in each field. Moreover, the Hospital provides in-patient services with various types of patient rooms based on service recipient needs with doctor and nursing teams ready to provide care for patients 24 hours a day.

Service Characteristics Classified by Patient Service Provision

1) Out-Patient Service

At present, the Hospital is able to provide services in every field of medicine with 113 treatment service rooms and procedure rooms capable of providing services for customers at the maximum number of approximately 3,400 patients per day. Center details are as follows:

General Internal Medicine Center
Cardiology and Neurology Center
General Surgery Center Orthopedic Surgery Center
Otolaryngology Center Eye Center
Skin and Beauty Center Women's Health Center
Pediatric Center Child Development Center
Health examination Center Dental Center
Intensive Care Center Ophthalmology Center
Gastrointestinal and Liver Center Skin and Cosmetic Surgery Center
Brain and Nerve Center

2) In-Patient Services

The Hospital has a total of 109 rooms and 180 beds to provide services for patients. Inside hospital rooms, the Hospital focuses on patients' cleanliness and hygiene in a warm, homelike setting, which is a factor contributing to positive mental health among patients. The Hospital has prepared many types of rooms to provide service based on service recipient needs such as rooms with eight beds, rooms with four beds, special double bed rooms, special single bed rooms, VIP rooms, suites, ICU rooms and quarantine rooms.

Ratio of Service Classified by Service Recipients

1) General Service Recipients - General service recipients consisted of the following:

1.1) Personal payers are service users who paid for treatment in real treatment costs without exercising any insurance entitlements, including member groups with special discounts according to the Hospital's conditions.

1.2) Contracted parties are service users where the Company of original affiliation has made medical service contracts with the Hospital and are composed of service recipients who have insurance policies with the insurance company on a daily basis and service recipients who are under the jurisdiction of organizations that are party to contracts with the Hospital such as educational institutes and companies which are party to contracts, etc., and service recipients with rights according to the Protection for Motor Vehicle Accident Victims. The Company will collect treatment costs from the insurance company of contract parties or directly from the contract party organization.

1.3) Other groups such as civil services and government enterprises, foreign patients including service recipients with other rights such as the Workmen's Compensation Fund for persons who encountered work-related hazards and three emergency foundations established by the National Health Security Office, etc.

2) Social Security - The Hospital provides services under social security entitlements and the Hospital will receive treatment expenses from the Social Security Office based on the conditions specified by the Social Security Office.

Food, Agricultural and Medicinal Product Analysis, Testing and Research Service

The food, agricultural and medicinal product analysis, testing and research services is operated by AMARC, a subsidiary in which the Company holds 97.14 percent of registered and paid-up capital.

AMARC is engaged in the business of performing laboratory analysis research classified by laboratory service capacity as follows: (a) fresh food and processed food product analysis, agricultural, animal husbandry and fishery product testing with microorganism and contaminant test/research capacity, chemical analysis including analysis for physical contaminants of the aforementioned products for service recipients to use findings for various objectives such as import or export permission requests in addition to requests for various quality certificates, etc.; (b) pharmaceutical analyses such as tests for compounds in drugs or contaminants; (c) medical analysis to providing findings from analysis of patients' symptoms as a key factor for correct and accurate treatment and (d) measuring device calibration services to support accurate calibration results for devices such as weighing machines and thermometers, etc.

The Business of Supporting Medical Services and Business Development

The business of supporting medical services and business development is operated by ABMC, a subsidiary in which the Company holds 99.99 percent of registered and paid-up capital. This business supports the Hospital's work and business development in the Company and its subsidiaries with the objective to operate and provide services in support of the Hospital's medical statistics work by employing experts to prepare treatment statistics for social security patients. Furthermore, ABMC also provides support services for the Hospital's legal work by providing legal consultation, pressing charges and following-up to collect debts, etc., along with providing support in management work and business management. ABMC employed personnel with appropriate qualifications to perform the duty of providing consultation and participating in business management and development, making plans and setting business policies for the Company and its subsidiaries.