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Message from the chairman

In 2015, the Thai economy continued to have lower growth trends than expected. At the end of the year and into 2016, the economic stimulus measures implemented by the government sector helped growth trends with supportive spending and investment measures. Global economic recovery and exports in addition to weakening baht currency trends helped exports in baht currency grow, resulting in improved entrepreneur income and liquidity. Agricultural goods and oil prices expected to remain at low levels and tourism sector expansions have provided opportunities for the public to have higher spending.

Under these economic conditions, private hospitals need to adjust support for negative factors such as political conditions, economic growth, competition among private hospitals, strategy for increasing income, profit ratios and net profit. The hospital remains focused on the strategy of seeking expert doctors, modern treatment instruments and holistic healthcare services meeting international quality standards while meeting consumer needs in every area to build a specialty sales point, build maximum satisfaction to attract old customers and foreign customers along with supporting entry into the ASEAN Economic Community in 2016.

The company did not receive significant impact in the past and the company performed according to outlined strategies, resulting in growth according to goals, success and service efficiency in addition to increasing performance in the form of income, profit ratios and net profit with total income increases at 10 percent and net profit increases at seven percent.

Over the past year, the company improved treatment capacity and sought expert specialist doctors with emphasis on treatment and service quality to improve competitive capacity and support current situations with more complex and severe diseases. The company also purchased modern medical instruments and equipment with personnel who are able to improve care quality and build maximum satisfaction and loyalty among service recipients.

Furthermore, the company registered in the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) to allow the general public who are interested and recognize our investment capacity. The company will begin business expansion from the project to become a center of excellence in medicine with certification for international quality standards from the Joint Commission International (JCI), a social security medicine center, a center for the recovery and care of senior adults and Ladprao Lam Luk Ka Hospital in order to expand operations, improve capacity, quality, safety and satisfaction for service recipients and investors.

In closing, I would like to thank the executives, doctors, nurses and every member of the staff for their dedication to performing duties and providing services, care and treatments with quality meeting international standards leading to satisfaction among service recipients.

Prof. Dr. Somsak Lohlekha
Chairman of the Board