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Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation Center

Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation Center

          The Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation Center at Lardproa Hospital offers services for the prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of patients with systemic diseases such as the problems with nervous system, respiratory system, or cardiovascular system by rehabilitation physicians, therapist, occupational therapist, and Speech Therapy.

          The therapist team is consisting of rehabilitation physicians, therapist, occupational therapist, and Speech Therapy by providing treatment to different types of patients as follows:

• Nervous system: patients with physical dysfunction- Hemiplegia, Paresis,Quadriplegia and elder patients
               o patients evaluation process: appointment with physiatrists for diagnosis and treatment option, working with the team in planing, measuring, and achieving the composite therapeutic goals
               o physiotherapist assistance for rehabilitation treatments- exercise practicing; sitting, standing, walking with therapy tools such as handrail, Gait Training stand-training bed, balancing machine, sand bags, etc.
               o Occupational therapist assists treatments in training patients to perform daily living & functional activities using hands, fingers, and swallowing training.
              o Language pathologist assistance training to enhance patients speaking ability
              o Language pathologist assistance training to enhance patients speaking ability

• Orthopedic & musculoskeletal system: including patients with pains: neck pain, shoulder pain, back pain, knee pain, muscle pain and degenerative bone using medical tools for treatments
             o General ultrasound machine and ultrasound combined with electricity for pain & muscle relief and inflammation
             o Short Wave Diathermy: for chronic pain , inflammation, tendinitis, Arthritis, and increase blood circulatory
             o High Power Laser: treatment for tendonitis; reduces pain, swelling, inflammation of muscle, able to generate noticeable results after receiving the treatment. 
             o Shock Wave Therapy: to reduce pain / dissolve fibrosis and adhesion of muscle, tendons, joints / especially during chronic inflammatory phase such as Plantar Fasciitis / Tennis Elbow 
             o treatment using inversion therapy & traction equipment , neck and back stretching to relieve discomfort and decompression from herniated disc

• Respiratory system:  patients with following conditions including: pneumonitis / pneumonia / bronchitis / emphysema / lung abscess / during pre & post treatment period of patients with Abdominal and Chest surgery. Providing with several treatments options such as chest percussion & vibration, suction, training & practice: Breathing, coughing, postural drainage, and exercise. 

• Cardiac Rehabilitation:  for patients with heart diseases/conditions and patients after post period of heart surgery by providing cardiac treatments & rehabilitation that alter the function and daily life performance through combining methods of medications, physical modalities, physical training with therapeutic exercise such as exercising, practice body movements laying in bed, sitting, standing, walking, and performing other activities to enhance & gain optimum possibly adequate abilities needed for returning a happy joyful living.
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