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Medicine Center

Medicine Center

          Medicine Center, Ladprao Hospital is ready to provide services for patients with medical diseases varied from acute to chronic illness with medications and modern medical apparatus in diagnosis. It includes disease prevention and health promotion. If initial diagnosis shows that the patient needs to be specifically treated, the medicine center will prepare the specialist team for high-quality patient treatment in accordance with professional standard.
Service and expert physicians 
1. General medicine: It provides services of health consultation for patients from specialists in all fields with long experiences in treating patients that have diseases and need to be extra cared. It includes treatment, healthcare, disease prevention and advice about annual medical checkup for patients as well as vaccination and medication usage for health promotion.

2. Endocrine and Diabetes Clinic: It provides treatment about diabetes and searching for complication evaluation that is important to diabetes treatment. Finding abnormalities in initial stage can prevent and resolve complications in time. 

3. Nephrlogy clinic: It provides examination and treatment about kidney diseases and finding renal malfunctions such as renal stone, chronic nephritis, acute renal failure, hypo-hypernatremia etc. as well as Hemodialysis Unit. It provides cares for patients with chronic renal failure with modern and comprehensive instruments along with hemodialysis.     

4. Hematology Clinic : It provides examination and treatment about giving advices related to hematological diseases, general blood disease diagnosis, consultation about thalassemia, blood cancer with diagnosis by testing bone marrow and it provides services for patients that need to receive blood components.  

5. Infectious disease Clinic : It provides examination and treatment about infectious diseases caused by bacteria, virus, mold, malaria, AIDS as well as tropical diseases in the country such as malaria 

6. Rheumatology clinic : It provides examination and treatment about patients with acute arthritis, osteoarthritis such as knee joint, hip joint, osteoporosis as well as patients with joint inflammation due to various causes such as Systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE), gout and rheumatoid arthritis. 

7. Pulmonary disease clinic : Respiratory diseases with services to examine and treat patients with lung diseases, tuberculosis, chronic Bronchitis, emphysema and asthma by physicians specializing in general pulmonary diseases.   

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