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Company's History

Ladprao General Hospital Public Co., Ltd. (the Company) is engaged in the following three businesses: (1) hospital service businesses operated by the Company and Ladprao General Hospital 2 Co., Ltd., (2) food, agricultural and medicinal product analysis, testing and research services operated by a subsidiary, Asia Medical and Agricultural Laboratory and Research Center (AMARC) and (3) the business of supporting medical services and business development by a subsidiary, Asia Business Management Center Co., Ltd. (ABMC). The first two businesses are considered the Company's primary businesses while the third business is operated to support internal performance by the Company and its subsidiaries.

Ladprao General Hospital Public Co., Ltd. (the Company, or LPH) was founded by a leading group of doctors and businessmen on 27 April 2010 under the name of Ladprao General Hospital Co., Ltd. with start-up registered capital of 1.00 million baht. The Company is engaged in the business of providing medical services and operating a private medical facility to admit patients for overnight stays (a private hospital) under the name of Ladprao General Hospital (the Hospital) because the executives recognize the growth capacity of communities in Ladprao as an area with rapid economic growth and many business facilities, commercial areas, entertainment sources, residents and continual population growth with increasing public health and public utility needs. The Hospital is currently located at 2699, Ladprao Rd., Khlong Chao Khun Sing, Wang Thong Lang, Bangkok. The Company has continually increased its registered capital to expand service provision capacity. The Company registered its conversion into a public company limited and changed its name to Ladprao General Hospital Public Co., Ltd. on 11 March 1993.

The Company is engaged in the business of a private hospital by providing general medical treatment services and serving as a center for various medical specializations. The Company has an expert team of doctors with regular treatment knowledge and technology training along with service provision using modern medical equipment, causing the Hospital to have service provision which received international standard acceptance. The Hospital received Level 3 Hospital Accreditation, which was the highest level for the aforementioned accreditation, from the Healthcare Accreditation Institute (Public Organization). This accreditation certifies that the Hospital has good work system management capable of facilitating quality and safe service provision with the determination to work with quality and continual quality improvement in addition to regular self-examinations to create confidence in service recipients with regard to international standard treatment quality and professional management.

The Hospital provides medical examination and treatment services in many fields with medical centers providing general medical services and specialty medical service centers as follows:

• General Internal Medicine Center.
• Cardiology and Neurology Center.
• General Surgery Center.
• Orthopedic Surgery Center.
• Otolaryngology Center.
• Eye Center.
• Skin and Beauty Center.
• Women's Health Center.
• Pediatric Center.
• Child Development Center.
• Health examination Center.
• Dental Center.
• Accident and Emergency Center.
• Hemodialysis Center.
• Ophthalmology Center.
• Gastrointestinal and Liver Center.
• Brain and Nerve Center.
• Skin and Cosmetic Surgery Center.

The Company continues to strictly and continually adhere to standards for the health of patients seeking treatment and the Hospital's treatment service provision quality.

The Company provides insurance services under the Social Security entitlements with insured persons receiving care from the hospital at the full quota for HA medical facilities. This group is considered a customer group that has generated secure income and promoted significant customer bases to date.

The hospital is a business with competition concerning readiness in terms of modern medical equipment, specialist medical personnel in each field and comprehensive and quick service provision in response to higher service recipient needs. Therefore, the Company has guidelines to develop the Hospital's treatment service provision capacity with the following goals:

1. To be a hospital for the community with coverage of service recipients in every age group living in the Ladprao vicinity and nearby areas by focusing on middle- to upperlevel customers.

2. To become a holistic medical center in each field of medicine with emphasis on specialist medicine center development leading to medical excellence beginning with the support of rising senior adult population trends such as the Gastrointestinal and Liver Center, the Eye Center, the Orthopedic Surgery Center, the Brain and Nerve Center and the Skin and Beauty Center. Senior adults are seeking treatment in larger numbers at the aforementioned medical centers such as laparoscopic treatment of patients with foodrelated illnesses, treatment of patients with eye conditions such as cataracts or glaucoma, treatment of patients with orthopedic problems such as senior adults with arthritis of the knee or osteoporosis including patients with dementia or Alzheimer's Disease, etc. Furthermore, skin and complexion treatments for senior adults such as laser treatments to erase marks, blemishes and freckles are also escalating.

3. To maintain leadership as a leading hospital for mothers and children on Ladprao Rd. by providing comprehensive obstetrics-gynecology services and pediatric treatments with specialist doctors in every field.

4. To become a comprehensive health examination center and provide annual health examination services for individual customers, annual health examination services for employees and executives of organizations who are party to contracts inside and outside the facilities, health examinations for life insurance, health examination before working and health examinations before going to work overseas, etc.

5. To expand areas for supporting social security and senior adult service recipients with high growth trends. The Company has investment plans to support its goals as follows:

5.1 To create the Ladprao Social Security Medical Center to support additional quota registration requests from the Social Security Office.

5.2 To create the Ladprao Senior Adult Recovery and Care Facility to support Thailand's population structural transformation into an aging society in order to enable the Company to provide holistic services for senior adult service recipients.

In 1996, the Company founded Ladprao General Hospital 2 Co., Ltd. (LP2) with registered capital of 50.00 million baht at a par value of 10.00 baht and paid-up registered capital of 12.50 million baht. The Company holds 99.99 percent of paid-up capital in order to support medical services and new hospital expansions (in progress according to plans for future projects). Therefore, LP2 is currently engaged in no primary business.

In addition to medical service provision, the Company has expanded its business operations to provide services to analyze, test and research food, agricultural and medicinal products in 2004. The Company founded Asia Medical and Agricultural Laboratory and Research Center Co., Ltd. (AMARC) with the registered capital of 100.00 million baht at a par value of 10.00 baht. The Company holds 99.99 percent of paid-up capital with paid-up registered capital amounting to 100.00 million baht. In 2015, the Company had a goal for AMARC to become a private sector laboratory and research center in Thailand providing complete medical and agricultural analysis services. In 2008 – 2010, the Company made changes in its shareholding structure for management independence because AMARC has key policy for providing medical analysis services for companies and hospitals in general. Therefore, the Company sold all investments to enable AMARC to manage work under shareholding by Asia Business Management Center Co., Ltd.

Nevertheless, the continual growth of agricultural and good analysis services has been consistent with agricultural and good business growth for the country's consumption and exports. Moreover, analysis services are provided more comprehensively, thereby causing AMARC to have higher ratios of income from agricultural analysis services at more than 90 percent in 2011. Hence, the Company invested in AMARCH by purchasing the investment from ABMC, the original shareholder, at par value or a total amount of 62.34 million baht. In addition, the Company invested an additional 34.80 million baht in common shares to increase capital for AMARC which offered to sell to the original shareholder at par value. As a result, the Company invested a total of 97.14 million baht in AMARC or 97.14 percent of the registered capital and paid-up capital of 100.00 baht. AMARC has been considered the Company's subsidiary from 2011 to the present.

AMARC is currently a Thai company providing scientific laboratory services accepted at the international level with analysis service capacity and standards covering service recipient needs such as tests for fresh food and processed food products, tests of agricultural and fishing products imported, exported or produced for domestic consumption, medical and pharmaceutical analysis, instrument calibrations and research and development services, etc.

In 2012, the Company expanded operations in the business of supporting medical service provision and business development by investing in Asia Business Management Center Co., Ltd. at a ratio of 55.00 percent, thereby giving ABMC status as the Company's subsidiary since December 2012 and the Company invested more in 2014, resulting in the Company holding 99.99 percent of ABMC's registered capital and paid-up capital.

In November 2014, the Special Shareholders' Meeting No. 1/2557 reached a resolution approving the Company's change in par value from 1.00 baht to 0.50 baht and increased registered capital from 275.00 million baht to 375.00 million baht by issuing 200.00 million new common shares at a par value of 0.50 baht. This capital increase was registered with the Ministry of Commerce on 4 December 2014.

On 16 and 19 – 21 October 2015, the Company proposed to sell a total of 200,000,000 new common shares at the price of 5.00 baht per share for a total of 1,000 million baht. The Company received payments for the aforementioned shares to increase capital on 22 October 2015. The Company proposed sales divided into:

1. New common shares at 181,540,000 shares proposed for sale to the general public.

2. New common shares at 18,460,000 shares proposed for sale to the Company's and/or subsidiaries' directors and/or executives.

The Company registered an increase in paid-up capital from 275 million baht (550,000,000 common shares at a par value of 0.50 baht) to 375 million baht (750,000,000 common shares at a par value of 0.50 baht) with the Ministry of Commerce on 22 October 2015.

The Company has an objective to use increased capital to expand capacity for service provision at centers of medical excellence, specialist medical centers, social security medical centers, senior adult recovery and care centers, service provision expansion projects by constructing new hospitals and/or investment in hospital businesses with capacity while also building financial strength. The Company has completely paid off all long-term loans made by the Company and its subsidiaries, causing all of the Company's fixed properties and real-estate for investment to be owned by the Company and its subsidiaries without any obligations.

The Stock Exchange of Thailand received the Company's common shares as securities registered in the Stock Exchange of Thailand with purchase-sales beginning on 28 October 2015.